Real Confession of Cheated Wife..

This story is about a wife who has a good husband but did not appreciate it and cheated him.

This is a sad story of my life. Mistakes that occurred was on myself. I was 26 years old and with the title single mother. I have been married at the age of 19 years at the Thai border because my family was against our love. My husband is only an ordinary man, no permanent jobs. After marriage, we traveled, and lived a happy life, but when my father fall sick, we compelled to return home and even my husband was so eager convincing me to go back home. At the village, we stayed at my parents home. Though not rich and pleased life but our hearts happy. Until had a crossed in my heart , let me die first before him because of his kind-hearted . but because of our wedding happened without the blessing of our family, all was not smooth. My husband been insulted even family spread our story to outsider . Crushed my heart to hear that, no support, and despised as the poor, all by ourselves, no property. However, as a good wife, I still defend it although sometimes bored to defend it. Familysaid i might been spelled by him . In fact, they think I can get a richer men richer, better than now. 8 years we were married, only a quarter of good of him my family can see and the remaining was bad in the sight of them.

Two years ago, I continue to studies to alter our future. Together with tears, I left my husband because we was never separated from each other While I was studying, he was struggling to give me pocket money.I am very touched by his kindness but when i came home on leave, there are just less good news given by the families, husband having fair with other woman, husband this and that. But I still stay strong. I know that they really wants to destroy our love. They are still with conservative beliefs, that my husband spelled on me . I do not know, I do not understand.They also like to instigate. In short, our relationship is not pleasing everyone. One night, I tested by God. On the way back to work, I greeted a man, rather elderly, government officer, and we talked. We exchanged our phone numbers too. The first time meet, I see him as mature and in good faith. We keep in touch when my husband away We go out together and I began to forget my husband. I'm really happy with it. He cares so much till i forget about about my husband and thinking of separated from each other. One day we made an appointment. At my husband, I said there was matter of college, but we slept at the hotel. . My husband suddenly called and tested me and said, would fall divorce if i were cheating on him.Once again, in tears, I acknowledged this and ask for forgiveness from my husband. We refer back but my lover keep seducing me and i became helpless stop it. At that time, I even thought of a divorce from my husband. Lover started to promise many things. love for my husband slowly dying. I told family and they support me for choosing a new lover and forget my husband.

One day, my husband left me, then I started to realize, but I still refer my problem with my lover .finally my family keep pushing me and i started to hate him.i decided to call him and asked for divorce. I forced him to recited divorce. He felt challenged and divorced with two talaq and when listened to him, I cried.Suddenly i felt that i did big mistakes and wanted to apologize him.the love for my husband is still there in my heart.He left me in dis pointed mood. I wanted to refer to court but

our marriage is not registered in Malaysia.i tried begged him to accept me but he refused me every time. I was lonely living without him and my lover were still hoping on me. To remove my heart loneliness, I continued relationship with my lover. But happiness did not last, when i requested financial assistance from him, he avoided due to various reasons. When with family, he act like an angel, but when we are together, he like devil.Then i I realized, he's not a good man. Person who I expect will be able to make me happy apparently just want my body. Now he disappeared. My marriage crumbled and. I missed my husband very much, but we can not meet anymore. Now I really regret it...............


  1. The grass is not always greener on the other side. You should stick with what u know rather than tempt fate.

  2. was actually searching at a profile on .wonder how i ended up her.nice blogg anyway


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